Shrink The World Update! [1.1.6]

Shrink The World Update! [1.1.6]

Hello all, Jordan here. 

After a few days of Shrink The World being released, we have come across some bugs and some memory issues within the browser version and in the game. As of right now, I have updated both files the HTML & The downloadable .exe, Here are  a few of the bugs that I fixed:

- Allocated Memory Issue in browser.

This has now been fixed, with the fix it will be worth noting that some users who run a 32x bit version of there internet browser may experience some issues, I will be checking if a another version will be needed but only when it will be requested. 

- Exploding Particle Effect in front. 
Some times players may have experience an issue on my part with layers, turns out it was actually an issue with get.position and this has been updated and should be fine now, any problems or if it persists let me know. 

- HUD Correction 

Some players with different resolution were having issues with the HUD scaling. This has now been fixed and with alot of resolutions the HUD will scale with it.

Thanks for checking out the thread/update and thanks for playing the game! I hope to see you all soon! :D 
- Jord


Shrink The 14 MB
Feb 27, 2019
ShrinkTheWorld1.1.6(web).zip Play in browser
Feb 28, 2019

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